We love the Festival of Chichester.  Jazz Smugglers have become one of the famous FESTIVAL BANDS in SUSSEX. The JAZZ SMUGGLERS EVENTS are all different. Sometimes the music is full of Gershwin and Cole Porter. At other times we are playing songs loved by Jazz Club patrons.

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Live jazz bands in Sussex The website for jazz enthusiasts. See the gigs Jazz Smugglers band is planning for the 2017 Festival of Chichester

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One of the Sussex Jazz Bands One of the Sussex Jazz Bands

We play mainly in CHICHESTER, WEST SUSSEX, which is close to BOGNOR for LIVE JAZZ, but we also work as a live JAZZ BAND in WORTHING, and as a JAZZ BAND in PORTSMOUTH,  There are not many JAZZ BANDS IN CHICHESTER, there are one or two live BANDS IN BOGNOR, more BANDS IN WORTHING and even more BANDS IN PORTSMOUTH.

There are many JAZZ BANDS IN EAST SUSSEX but far fewer JAZZ BANDS IN WEST SUSSEX. If you want soft romantic music for WEDDING RECEPTIONS SUSSEX. or a LIVE JAZZ TRIO at your WEDDING or PRIVATE PARTY as background music book us please.

Web master Geoff Valenti


To hear jazz don’t think of anything else. Go to SPOTIFY

Download it. Totally brilliant site.  

For other jazz lnks  www.allaboutjazz.com   www.lordisco.com This site is very good indeed for its 900 or so jazz links. www.greatmusicsites.com  Good all round vehicle for musicians. This site promotes bands, promotes cds  www.jazzprofessional.com  Articles, profiles, interviews, jazz history there is very rich content in this big site.

For contemporary jazz  The Smooth Jazz Ride -- THE one-stop contemporary jazz web site for all things smooth jazz.

For listeners   BBC radio runs jazz programmes primarily on Radio 2 & Radio 3 with very occasional magazine programmes on Radio 4. www.bbc.co.uk A good place for finding specific programmes   www.jazznation.co.uk

Find a gig One site will not give you the whole lot – have a quick search through main ones for the area and the night you want. These recommended sites have all been evaluated.  

For Jazz clubs. Best is http://www.jazz-clubs-worldwide.com/docs/uk.htm Brilliant site for world-wide clubs, search in the area you want for regular jazz sites, or festivals around the world. It is one man’s effort, but it is very good. There are good listings of 40 top clubs around the country www.jazz-in-britain.com   About 100 uk gigs are listed at any one time in the following site. You can also find bands, venues and so. A fair general purpose information site is www.webjazzguide.com  www.jazzdates.co.uk  for gigs in Hampshire/Dorset

Jazz clubs and gigs around London www.jazznights.co.uk  gives you up to date jazz listings in London and the South.  Jazz Café always has jazz of all kinds with 2nd bands into the early morning sometimes. www.jazzcafe.co.uk Ronnie Scotts www.ronniescotts.co.uk the most famous, long standing British club - Soho area Membership £60  then at door £6 weekdays £10 weekends. (£15 and £25 non members with concessions for musicians)  West London area look up www.j2k.org.uk/index Chiswick Chelsea area www.606club.co.uk

Book a jazz band, go to a Jazz Festival Best is Jazz Services Ltd: This is the most comprehensive UK database of current jazz contacts; over 7,000 contacts, including musicians, bands, promoters, venues, education contacts, media contacts, marketing contacts, etc. Their subsidiary, Jazz Newspapers, publishes the largest circulation jazz magazine in the UK, Jazz UK. Their Web site not only provides comprehensive information on jazz, but also has links to over 1,700 jazz sites internationally.  Jazz Services ltd is funded by the Arts Council  www.jazzservices.org.uk Buy their book Jazz bands at £5.80 or their book Jazz musicians at £7.50

Absolute Musicians offers a big range of UK Jazz bands ranging in styles from 1920's jazz, swing, blues and big bands, to salsa, and latin jazz.  www.absolutemusicians.com  This booking agency site is excellent, showing 16 top artists www.jazzmoods.co.uk www.musicforlondon.co.uk just what it says about 20 goups or individuals are listed

A USA site is best for finding jazz festivals everywhere around the world.   www.jazztimes.com

Read a jazz magazine Online free is Jazz UK. Go to www.jazzservices.org.uk  www.allaboutjazz.com  is a US Jazz magazine and a resource, with a browsable directory of artists' profiles, photos, gigs, festivals, news, reviews, and interviews.  A good US magazine is at www.jazzonline.com  and another is at www.jazztimes.com  At www.jazzimprov.com the site is designed to help everyone learn about and improve their jazz playing. Really serious mission statement this. 4 issues a year, big magazine for $89 subscription. Good stuff.  Britain’s best hard copy www.thejazzrag.com

Evaluate and buy jazz cds I still like www.amazon.co.uk best The site for contemporary jazz musicians where mucisians can sell their own cds is at www.jazzcds.co.uk  www.lordisco.com This site is very good for buying CDs and for its 900 or so jazz links, neatly arranged.  If you want to buy someone a present relating to jazz then goto www.ejazzlines.com  which is a one-stop jazz music website featuring jazz CDs, videos, books, sheet music, posters, play-alongs, and big band arrangements. It is a very comprehensive source.  A much better free download site, free of the pop ups and less hype about it is Limewire.  www.limewire.com or go to Download.com and download their installation software.  You may need a bit of Java as well, but the site will get it for you.  (Sun Microsystems will, as well, if you hit difficulty). This is a good site with a good jazz station on  www.enorgis.com/onemillion.html It is well worth looking at, if listening to music online is your kick.  Did you know that you can download free music from Amazon? No, neither did I until I tried.

Jazz history The National Jazz  Archive, a unique charity, top class service, I’ve used it get my uncle’s 1920’s band information Contact David Nathan, www.nationaljazzarchive.org

Downloading music scripts Real books; $53 for a jazz disk of 1,000 standards. www.nortonmusic.com

Real books, 500 songs free download www.phillipsmusic.net/realbook.htm Downloading music scripts(up to £2.50 a song) 8,000 songs various sites www.sheetmusicdirect.com

Jazz materials and tutors; for all Jamey Abersold jazz products – big list of music, backing, tutorials, arrangements sold direct from the site.  www.jajazz.com

Europe’s biggest and best source of materials for jazz musicians is British.  Jazzwise. Summer schools, orchestrations, tutors – speak to them or order on line. This is how Jamey Abersold describes them  “Shop for 1000's of jazz products. Europe's premier store for jazz printed music. Tutors, play alongs, videos, cd-rom, combo charts, and more!” www.jazzwise.com

Music Software  Band in a Box   www.pgmusic.com

This is the best backing software for non professionals – professionals use it a lot, too.  I typed in the chords for Blue Monk, connected the midi file, recorded the song to Band in a Box, bit of correction, printed it for C/Bb/Eb and saved it for the future – all in the ten minutes it took for the Jazz Smugglers folks to arrive for the workshop.    www.sibelius.com For music notation, this software is top of the market. At £595 it should be. They offer music scores of all kinds, and a software product where you scan in your manuscript, then connect up and convert it to a midi file.  This way you can correct it, change it, do what you like with it.  Cheaper, but still close to £200. I’ll stick with Band in a Box. I can even understand it if I take three migraine tablets.

www.steinberg.net  Cubase System 4 For a complete do it yourself studio, sample sounds, everything you need for recording your group to computer then this complete programme does it.  Just be prepared for some difficult times in getting your head around it.  Not for me, I want a life.

For Jazz Professionals. Get yourself listed as a player on these sites.www.jazzservices.org.uk The big central jazz site which must not be missed by any pro or semi pro. This site is here to help you, publicly funded and will list you, your group, your gigs, your speciality in jazz teaching. Go for it. Jazz Services may be funded by the arts Council but are fiercely independent. They used to publish the big jazz directory now they put the information on line free of charge.  The site includes 140 jazz services to help marketing including booking agencies 180 record labels - didn't know there were so many did you? 20 studios websites They publish Jazz Uk 40,000 -the country’s biggest circulation magazine -you can download it free from the site It has interviews, profiles and news, CD and live reviews. JazzUK’s comprehensive national gig guide is also available at the site  Also they sell three different books.  UK Jazz bands, £5.80, UK jazz promoters £8.60 and UK Musicians at £7.50  Get yourself listed and buy the promoters book.

If you want to find out about a jazz player go to this very good site for biogs of over 200 jazz musicians including, a lot of British players, - who knows you may be mentioned?  The site now gets between 6,000 and 19,000 hits each day. www.jazzprofessional.com  The Jazz Professional website is produced and presented by Ron Simmonds, a career trumpet player who has played everywhere. It is a labour of love this site, no commercial interest. Like Jazz Enthusiasts neither of us try to sell you anything.

For your wedding gigs and functions you can get a free listing or keep them as an agent, excellent site www.wedding-services.demon.co.uk   This site is also good for wedding gigs and high value functions www.weddingservices4u.co.uk

Absolute Musicians offers a big range of UK Jazz bands ranging in styles from 1920's jazz, swing, blues and big bands, to salsa, and latin jazz.  www.absolutemusicians.com 

www.jazzmoods.co.uk this booking agency site is excellent, showing 16 top artists

www.musicforlondon.co.uk just what it says about 20 goups or individuals are listed

www.jazznights.co.uk Absolute must for your artists profiles, listing, festivals

www.jimsjazzmag.co.uk  Band listings, gigs. This is an East England site and a good page as a reference if you want to put your band site on the internet. You could do the same thing in your region.

www.splut.com List of musicians web site. We get lots of hits from them.

www.allaboutjazz.com very good all round USA site, might list you. We get many hits from here too.

If you want to see how a jazz band should promote itself on the web properly look at this brilliant band site. They are going solidly for the money. I'd hire them (except they play Traditional, still you can't have everything)  www.jazzband.clara.net

To find a record company Go to jazz services site >labels> and there is one long long list of them.  Quickly search them, 30 boring minutes, kick out the one man bands (ugh! sorry) and you might find three or four.  You can do the same thing with promoters, media contacts, retailers who may sell your cd.  

A site which lists all the downloading sites, streaming music sites, band sites, music promotion sites is www.enorgis.com/onemillion.html  There are plenty of them. Just spend and hour and go for it. Put tracks from your cd on this site and sell them direct yourself. Good site for professionals. www.peoplesound.com Good us site for selling your independent label jazz cds, www.jazzloft.com You might also try www.allegro-music.com  This is a USA distributor.  www.jazzconnect.com In this artists site you can download a track before you buy. But they also run competitions, such as a Vocal Jazz Competition. You can listen on line to the entries and vote in addition to professional jazz judges. For musicians in trouble There is a musicians benevolent fund for those in need.  www.mbf.org.uk

Learning  to play jazz

www.iaje.org The International Association for Jazz Education, founded in 1968 is the big one in jazz education world-wide.  Brilliant site, very good bulletin boards, good journal. Active memberships above 8,000 teachers, musicians, students, music industry representatives, and enthusiasts in 35 countries. Go and join.

For a good list of jazz workshops around the country go to www.jazzservices.org.uk Go to jazz services for jazz tutors –a few are listed there by region. For a really good list of top jazz tutors in the South with telephone numbers go to the Jazz in West Sussex section of this site. For the Royal Academy of Music www.ram.ac.uk Leeds College of Music for Jazz studies  www.lcm.ac.ukYou can download a $50 jazz piano course online from www.musiclanguage.com  At www.jazzcourse.co.uk  these folks look as if they have jazz education properly organized. Scottish based, they  run weekend and longer courses at Edinburgh, Worcester, Cambridge and Glasgow. Sensibly priced, too.

Jazz grade examinations Piano, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone www.abrsm.org

Free jazz theory online

US Pianist Marc Sabatella wrote this free jazz material. www.outsideshore.com

Discussion of many jazz songs go to  www.justjazz.com and download the archive www.petethomas.co.uk This site contains some of the best theoretical notes on jazz to be found anywhere on the web. For very good jazz theory material, plus Real books and Sheet music, a US site www.apassion4jazz.net has masses of free theoretical material, probably more than anyone else. The site is good and comprehensive. Look at their theory pages and teach yourself tools. A jazz theory cd is available on an Australian site, this consists of 20 lessons www.jazclass.aust.com  

For jazz piano a very good site is www.learnjazzpiano.com    This is a wonderful site for jazz pianists. It contains a lot of playing tips, jazz theory including scripts, and a really good discussion group for all jazz enthusiasts. Nexit is a quirky site with funny stories (see his Tips) from the Nick Weldon trio www.jazzpiano.co.uk  Good articles for jazz beginners generally and for guitar players go to www.wholenote.com   Also for guitar players, it’s a specialised portal really, with links to everything you need.  Tips for recording, microphones explained, etc. Good stuff, forums, chat, download riffs. www.guitar.com  Learning music and jazz online try this big site. www.musicianuniversity.com  Site for jazz flute players  www.jazz-flute.com

www.jazzbacks.com is a new British site for downloadable jazz backing tracks for instrumentalists and vocalists. Use them to practise or perform at gigs. Good idea, this. www.songlyrics4u.com  lyrics of standards for singers   dir.webring.com/rw?d=Music/Genres/Jazz This site gives you all the different jazz web rings. You can find your own interest in jazz covered from these jazz all grouped together.

To find a qualified music teacher, but not necessarily of jazz www.jazzpianoteachersassociation.org.uk  

www.musicteachers.co.uk   For lessons musiclessons.vbcinternet.net

You can find the contact details of the top specialist Jazz teachers in the South in our West Sussex section above.  Or try the Jazz Services site for their listings www.jazzservices.org.uk

Otherwise it is best to talk to jazz musicians in your area for the good ones. It might be a good idea to contact the Jazz Grade examinations Board and ask them for any guidance. They have jazz examiners around the country.  www.abrsm.org   Tel 0207636 5400

To find a jazz newsgroup on line

A lovely site, easy navigation, represents 180 world-class jazz musicians. “Speakeasy” lets you chat away with others on jazz topics. www.jazzcornertalk,com

Next is the best jazz newsgroup on the Web. I placed a jazz help request which was answered within an hour.  www.jazzreview.com

www.lights.com This site provides a web log for what is new in music on the web, and archive files. They picked up our site and listed it. You can find the jazz sites listed in the last two years. So did this link to an  open directory  www.dmoz.org A good forum is to be found on www.abersold.com

Jazz in West Sussex  www.chichesterjazzclub.co.uk A good informative site, and a very good club. Go to the West Sussex section for a full guide. Barry Boyce on 01243 781466.

Jazz Smugglers. You can join our weekly Jazz Workshop in Bosham on a Sunday as a player  

Two good sites from Chris Walker, who runs Jazz on BBC Radio Solent on a Sunday

www.jazzdates.co.uk  Really good web site for everyone to the West of us with comprehensive list of dates and venues in Hampshire, and Dorset and Isle Of Wight, Bands get your local gigs listed here.

www.swingtet.coolwebgadgets.com  This is a fine example of what you need in a band site. Simple, and direct. They bring visitors to the site by quoting a big list of gigs around their area. The gigs list would be a beast to maintain but you need useful content if people are to bookmark your site.

Here is a new site, for jazz musicians. A music collaboration project on-line. www.jamspot.nl

Findon information website, Music in West Sussex


All evaluated, please tell us of other good ones and of any dropped links. Use your “Find” button to search your keywords

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